Mounting Taig Motor

This shows how to use the 1022 motor mount to mount the 1021W motor (or any Nema 48 motor) to the 1023 mounting board.

The 1021W motor.
Just in case, the wiring diagram...
the 1022 motor mount and hardware.
Screwed onto the motor.
Other side.
Adjust things so they are square and screw the base loosely into the predrilled holes in the 1023 mounting board. Machine screws grip strongly in MDF.
Closeup. The screw heads are above the surface of the mount.
Mount the pulley so that the setscrew bears against the flat on the motor shaft.
With the belt in place the weight of the motor tensions it. The fulcrum is the heads of the screws that mount the motor to the mounting plate.
Another view.
All done.

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